READ FIRST! Important instructions for a successful HIT submission!

  • This is a 2 part assignment and you must complete BOTH parts (24-48 hours apart) in order to be paid!
  • Both parts last roughly 60 minutes each: Please be aware of the time commitment before starting.
  • Play until the game is finished in order to receive a receipt code. The receipt code will be given at the end. You can submit the receipt code for payment.
  • Pay attention and play to the best of your ability: this means responding in an appropriate manner according to the game instructions.
  • Game length is dependent on your performance: if you perform well, each part can take less than 60 minutes!
  • Game Instructions:

  • Your job is to intercept the falling circles by pressing the correct key (marked underneath) as they pass the black oval goals at the bottom.
  • We recommend using your left hand on the letters S, D, and F, and your right hand on J, K, and L.
  • Try and only make one keypress for each falling circle. Pushing too few or too many buttons does not count!
  • The speed of the game will increase as you perform better, and decrease if it becomes too hard for you. Remember, Better performance means Faster completion!
  • The progress bar shows you how long until the next break or end of this part of the assignment.